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Having personally completed the search for a successor at my last employer, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to find someone who not only looks good on paper but ALSO has quality work to show for it. I’ve dealt with numerous “paper-techs” in the past (those with knowledge on paper but little practical experience) and it can be guesswork to tell who is who. To that end, I hope archiving my work here will give interested parties an idea of what I’ve actually done.

A note about what’s listed here… I learned long ago that creative development is a constant process whether in art, music, or writing. The works I’ve created in the past are not as quality as those created more recently, so I’ve omitted many items from my employment prior to 2004. Everything builds on what came before it, so those older works are not a good representation of what I do now!

Also, it’s difficult to convey proficiency in hardware stuff (setting up and managing servers, rebuilding and support desktops, troubleshooting networks) so you may have to take my word for it. The important thing is experience. One thing I’ve learned is that no matter how much you think you know about what can go wrong you’re guaranteed to run across new problems. It’s that experience that helps most in diagnosis and resolution.

You can also check out my paper resume or LinkedIn profile.

Graphic Design for Print
I have a solid background in graphic design and am proficient with industry-standard software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and inDesign. These samples are only pulled from my work at the MA Association of Realtors. I’m certainly not the best designer out there, but I can pull of quite a bit in a pinch. This has saved past employers lots of money when faced with submission deadlines and projects under tight budgets.
Quality of Life Campaign Poster and Full-Page Magazine Ad
Membership Benefits Half-Page Ad
Association Website Design Contest Full-Page Print Ad
Annual Realtor Conference and Tradeshow Quarter-Page Ad

Web Banners
Graphic design for the web is not too different, in terms of theory, from design for print: balance, color complementation, font selection, etc. These are examples of web banners I’ve created in the past.

Video Creation
Video production and editing are skills I learned while at MAR. I was given the latitude to learn and develop these resources for the members of the Association. It was not part of the job description, but I think challenges like this (and learning new skills) are really fun! This is an interview segment for which I shot, edited and produced the accompanying graphics.

Webinar Training
Since education is one of the primary services we delivered to members at the MA Realtor Association I took it upon myself to be a technology resource (as well as I could work it in with my other duties, anyway). These are examples of educational webinars I created between 2008 and 2009.
Social Networking Webinar Training
Tech Tools for 2009 Webinar Training

I also have a background in audio production and live audio mixing from my time as a DJ in Austin, TX (Good times!). I was able to use these skills to create the Association’s monthly housing market and industry news podcast. I use a variety of specialized hardware including multitrack mixers, condenser microphones, and a Gentner box that allowed for recording of high-quality telephone interviews.
MAR Report Monthly News and Interviews, Episode 19

Email Creation
My formal education is in Advertising, specifically Interactive Advertising. It was a very new subsection of the Advertising major while I was at UT, Austin. I was in this program right around the turn of the millennium when the tech bubble was crazy hot and the Internet was coming of age as a marketing channel. Segmenting, targeting, conversion, SEO and more were parts of the program. All of this was extremely helpful for my future because I firmly believe every company or organization needs a respectable online presence. This is a sample email I created on the Convio email marketing platform. I transitioned all of my former employer’s email communications to the Convio platform, saving about $14K a year.
Realtor Association News, July 2009

Live Classes
Although I don’t have video examples, I have spoken both statewide and nationally at the 2009 Association Executives Institute¬† in Colorado Springs and more recently for the Florida Association of Realtors Association Executive Retreat in Orlando.

Writing Samples
Along the same lines as my live instruction, Iwas able to act as a technology education resource for the membership of the MA Realtor Association by writing numerous articles. I publish a monthly technology newsletter called “Tech Tuesday” and also wrote a separate column in our semi-monthly print magazine. I wrote the cover story for the magazine in September 2008 on Social Networking and the September 2009 cover story on Paperless Offices and Paperless Technology.
Bay State Realtor Magazine Article on Client Surveys – Technology @ Work – Listen to Your Clients One Survey at a Time
Web-only Article on Using Blogs as Websites – Tech Tuesday – The New Dynamic (of) Websites
Cover Story, September 2008 issue of Bay State Realtor magazine – Social Networking: Sharpen Your Basic Skills to Build Success
Cover story, September 2009 issue of Bay State Realtor magazine – Less Paper, More Green

There’s a certain satisfaction one gets from building something tangible, and I do enjoy satisfaction! The most notable things I built at the MA Realtor Association are the audio/visual studio and the Conference Room technology. I planned and purchased all the equipment, installed and connected it, and created staff tutorials on how to use it if I’m not available. As a service to our local associations I created pricing and rental agreements for the space, at cost, for production of their own podcasts, webinars and more. Earlier in my tenure at MAR, I installed the conferencing system we use in our primary conference room.
Audio and Visual Studio Installation, Angle 1
Audio and Visual Studio Installation, Angle 2
Conference Room Web Conferencing Installation

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