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Say cheese!

I’m feeling a bit more productive on the personal front, as of late. Work has been keeping me quite busy between three different contracts, but it’s pretty awesome that I’m fortunate enough to HAVE 3 different contracts paying the bills. We’ll see what happens come February 2011, but things have a way of working themselves out.

So I’m discovering that there’s a deep creative hole in my day to day life, and there are some outlets that can be pursued. One is photography. I recently got a new DSLR and have been doing test shots and test videos (it’s a Canon D500, so it does 720p video as well). The results are great, so far! I’ve got years and years of things to learn about composition and technique, but I really like it as a pursuit that can fit easily into a daily life. DJing is still great fun, but you can’t exactly practice it on the road or at a show (that you’re not playing at). I’m sure I’ll also be hitting up my other photo-happy friends like Che, Jesse, Merrick, and Toy for some thoughts and pointers. It’s always good to have others to discuss the creative process with.

Of course, another thing to do is get back to the web design and development, something I’ve also been slacking on as I apply myself at more project management-type work on my current contracts. The blog theme is in need of some serious attention, and there’s a Flickr plugin to integrate, as well. The one thing I always used to teach and write about in Massachusetts was integrating your various systems so you create the content in one spot and it syndicates itself across multiple mediums… well I’ve been practicing what I’ve preached and I’m getting some traction. More to come soon, but new pics loaded and more to come soon.

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